This is a website for touch touch publishing,
aka tapecase radio, aka rhan small ernst.

My preferred name is touch touch publishing.
I am aware that this is confusing.

Scroll below, however, and everything is clickable or linkable. 


Weekly radio show of original content
Live & Archived on BFF.FM


a radio show of female hip hop and easy listening
Archived on

about LOUISE

a series of talks 



strange attractors,
limited edition prints.

square print sizes
the largest size is 46”

strange attractors are images derived from an image and sound generator
developed by akira rabaelias.

the image generator uses the chaotic trigonometry
of clifford pickover and peter de jong.

my process begins after the equation and the generated resulting image.
i edit the image concerning space and composition, and color.

the composed final is printed by tony molatore
in berkeley, california. all prints are limited edition print runs in series.

touch touch publishing | tapecase (22) | rse
emeryville, california 
august, 2021

if you are interested in purchasing a print, get in touch,
let’s discuss:

thank you