Strange Attractors, limited edition prints.

Strange Attractors are images derived from
an image/sound generator developed
by Akira Rabaelias.

The image generator uses the chaotic math equations of Clifford Pickover and Peter De Jong.

My process begins after the equation and the generated result image. I edit the image concerning space and composition, and finally color.

The composed final is printed by Tony Molatore in Berkeley, California. All prints are limited edition series print runs.

The titles are derived from concepts and ideas in my own personal psychotherapy.
I associate these pieces with mental health and well being. They illustrate my own connection
to an inner world of thoughts and emotions.

One might be an erotic gift, another, a hovering cloud of comfort, warmth, and safety.

Rhan Small Ernst
Emeryville, California
November, 2020

Touch Touch Publishing

Print sizes
the largest size is 46”
the shortest size is 24”

contact me if interested
Thank you